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Average Facebook Video View Rate last month

Each month we publish the average Facebook Video View Rate benchmark based on the hundreds of thousands of Facebook posts from all around the world indexed by Social Status. Data comes from our Profile Analytics tool which enables performance tracking of Facebook Pages.

The average Video View Rate on Facebook last month was:

How has the Facebook Video View Rate changed over time?

This chart shows the historical Facebook Video View Rate for the past year. As you can see, the monthly average is seldom static so its important to benchmark your performance on Facebook against the monthly average. Use Profile Analytics to benchmark your Facebook Page against the average.

How to calculate Video View Rate on Facebook

Firstly, a video view on Facebook is considered to be a minimum of 3-seconds. This means if a user is scrolling through Newsfeed and a video appears on their screen for at least 3-seconds, that is counted as 1 video view.

Post VVR = 3-sec Video Views divided by Reach

Profile VVR = Average of all Post VVR’s during the given time interval (ie: last month)

Social Status does provide other video view durations such as 10-second video views, 30-second video views and 95% video views. It’s useful to know that each of these metrics have an associated VVR too. For example, you can access a 10-sec VVR, 30-sec VVR and 95% VVR.

What affects the Facebook Video View Rate?

Social marketers who use video will tell you that if you want to increase your VVR (ie: watch time) you need to front-load your video with interest. That means focus on the first few seconds of your video and make them as engaging and interesting as possible to encourage the user to keep watching!

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