Influencer Analytics

Track and report on your influencer marketing campaigns

Influencer Analytics

Quantify Influencer Performance

Social Status Influencer Analytics is perfect for brands and agencies who work with influencers but need a better way to report on performance. Connect with influencers and creators you work with on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X (Twitter) or YouTube. Influencer Analytics enables you to integrate influencer post and Instagram Stories performance into a centralized platform to tell the full picture of social ROI.

Social Status Influencer Analytics

Aggregate Posts and Stories

Aggregate all campaign posts and Instagram Stories from influencers together into a single dashboard showing total impressions, video views, engagements and clicks. Save countless hours and eliminate the need for influencers manually reporting back to you and screenshotting post metrics from the Instagram app.

Social Status Influencer Analytics Aggregate Posts

See Follower Demographics

See influencer follower demographics like gender, age, country and city for the influencers you work with. Track the change in demographics over time and identify trends before, during and after collabs.

Social Status Influencer Analytics Demographics

Assess Influencers Pre-Campaign

Use Social Status to audit influencer performance before your campaign to verify Engagement Rate and Interactions so you can set data-led campaign KPI’s and targets. Add any public influencer profiles on Facebook, Instagram (Business or Creator profiles only), TikTok, X (Twitter) or YouTube.

Social Status Influencer Analytics Engagement
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