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4 powerful social media analytics tools

Social Status consists of 4 powerful social media analytics tools. We focus purely on analytics and reporting and help thousands of social media managers save time by automating the time consuming process of social reporting.

Social Status features

Profile Analytics

Profile Analytics
Multi-channel Social Analytics

Multi-channel social analytics in 1 dashboard

Social media analytics for all your Facebook Pages, Instagram (Business or Creator) Profiles, TikTok Profiles, X (Twitter) Profiles, YouTube Channels and LinkedIn Company Pages. Access in-depth metrics and insights for the pages and profiles you admin.

Full funnel social metrics

Full funnel social media metrics and breakdowns

Track Impressions, Reach, Video Views, Engagements, Growth and Clicks. Breakdown performance by day, time, frequency and media type. See paid and organic performance for your Facebook posts.

Messenger and Stories Analytics

Facebook Inbox and Instagram Stories analytics

Facebook Inbox metrics include Message Volume, Message Response Rate and Average Response Time. Instagram Stories metrics include Impressions, Reach, Replies, Taps Back and Taps Forward. Finally, no more screenshoting IG Stories! 🙌

Audience demographics

Audience demographics for the Profiles you admin

Track and report on your fan and follower demographics. See gender, age, country and city of your fans. Track the net gain or loss of your fans/followers and access charts for daily community growth over time.

Ads Analytics

Ads Analytics
Meta Ads Analytics

Meta Ads Analytics and Reporting

Track the performance of your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns including all Feed, Reels, Stories, Messenger and Audience Network placements. Social Status supports all of Meta’s ad objectives so no matter what campaigns you run, you can see your Meta ad performance all in one place.

Twitter Ads coming soon

Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Support for X (Twitter) Ads and LinkedIn Campaign Manager launching soon! If you’re interested in beta access, please reach out and let us know.

Competitor Analytics

Competitor Analytics

Benchmark performance against competitors

Spy on your competitors and learn their publishing strategies. Benchmark Facebook reactions, see how often they post, what day & times they post and which posts perform best.

Multi-channel competitor tracking

Track any public Facebook Page, Instagram Business or Creator Profile (personal profiles are not supported), TikTok Profile, X (Twitter) Profile or YouTube Channel.

Influencer Analytics

Social Status Influencer Analytics

Aggregate influencer performance

If you work with influencers, you can track their campaign performance all in one place. No more screenshots, back and forth emails or spreadsheets.

View influencer impressions, IG Stories and clicks

Invite influencers you work with to Influencer Analytics and they can share full-funnel stats with you beyond just Engagement. Finally you’ll be able to see impressions, click metrics and Instagram Stories metrics – all without the need for screenshoting and spreadsheets!

Assess performance of new influencers

If you’re looking to partner with new influencers, add them to Influencer Analytics so you can “try before you buy”! Track performance of their campaign posts vs non-campaign posts. They won’t even know you’re tracking them.

Benchmark influencers

Benchmark groups of influencers including competitors’ influencers. See average and aggregate performance across influencer groups.

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