YouTube Engagement Rate Benchmark

Monthly historical data


Average YouTube Engagement Rate last month

Each month we publish the average YouTube Engagement Rate (ER) benchmark based on the hundreds of thousands of YouTube videos from all around the world indexed by Social Status. Data comes from our Competitor Analytics tool which enables performance tracking of YouTube Channels.

The average Engagement Rate on YouTube last month was:

How has the YouTube Engagement Rate changed over time?

This chart shows the historical YouTube Engagement Rate for the past year. As you can see, the monthly average is seldom static so its important to benchmark your performance on YouTube against the monthly average. Use Competitor Analytics to benchmark your YouTube Channel against your competitors.

Highest engaged videos on YouTube

Below are the highest engaged videos on YouTube last month. Use the Time Interval dropdown to see previous months. These videos have the highest Engagement Rate across hundreds of thousands of YouTube videos published last month. You can tap the date on any video to open it directly on YouTube:

How to calculate Engagement Rate on YouTube

Unlike the other channels, thankfully, there is a standard way to calculate the Engagement Rate (ER) on YouTube 🎉

Video ER = (Likes + Comments + Shares) divided by Video Views

Channel ER = Average of all Video ER’s during the given time interval (ie: last month)

What affects the YouTube Engagement Rate?

There are many factors which affect the performance of YouTube videos organically, here are just a few:

– The way people interact with your videos (likes vs dislikes vs comments vs shares)

– Posting controversial videos or topics designed to elicit a reaction

– How long people watch your video on average

– Number of subscribers

– Changes to YouTube’s algorithm

– Video title, video description and use of hashtags

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