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X (Twitter) Growth Rate benchmark

Average X (Twitter) Growth Rate last month

Each month we publish the average X (Twitter) Growth Rate (GR) benchmark based on the hundreds of thousands of X (Twitter) Profiles from all around the world indexed by Social Status. Data comes from our Profile Analytics tool which enables performance tracking of all X (Twitter) Profiles.

The average Growth Rate on X (Twitter) last month was:

How has the X (Twitter) Growth Rate changed over time?

This chart shows the historical monthly X (Twitter) Growth Rate for the past year. As you can see, the monthly average is seldom static so its important to benchmark your performance on X (Twitter) against the monthly average. Use Profile Analytics to benchmark your X (Twitter) Profile and track your growth monthly.

How to calculate Growth Rate on X (Twitter)

Growth Rate is a simple calculation in the increase (or decrease) between two numbers. In this instance, the number of Followers of a X (Twitter) Profile.

Since this is a monthly benchmark (and that most marketers benchmark monthly), the Monthly Growth Rate calculation is the difference between the X (Twitter) Followers on the first day of the month compared to the last day of the month:

Monthly Growth Rate = (Followers on last day of month – Followers on first day of month) divided by Followers on first day of month.

As an example, let’s say your X (Twitter) Profile had 5,293 Followers on March 1 and 5,428 Followers on March 31. The Growth Rate for the month of March would be calculated as:

5,428 minus 5,293 = 135

135 divided by 5,293 = 0.02550

0.02550 multiplied by 100 = 2.55%

We multiply by 100 in order to get to a percentage. Growth Rate is usually expressed with 2 decimal places.

What affects the X (Twitter) Growth Rate?

Growth is a tricky thing on every social media channel – X (Twitter) included! But thankfully, there are some tactics you can use to drive growth if you need to grow your followers:


  • Run Promoted Tweets – similar to Facebook’s “Page Like” Ad objective, you can run a “Follower” objective in X (Twitter) Ads
  • Run a Competition / Giveaway – this won’t be relevant for all organizations but a tried and true method for increasing growth quickly on X (Twitter) is to give something away! People love a competition and you can use the Follow button as an entry mechanic for your competition. Just check your local laws as to whether you need a permit to run a game-of-chance giveaway
  • Tag other profiles – tagging other profiles where it’s relevant to do so will increase your chances of those profiles liking, replying or better still, retweeting your content. This will help increase your reach outside of your followers which may result in new followers if your content is engaging
  • Participate in X (Twitter) chats – there are many weekly X (Twitter) chats which you could participate in. These chats are great for building strong relationships with other X (Twitter) users and if you’re adding value, this strategy can be great for increasing followers
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