Snapchat Introduces Custom Stories and Limitless Snaps

Snapchat launched ‘Custom Stories’ this week, pulling out all the stops with a Victoria’s Secret Angels packed campaign.

The new feature allows users to share Snapchats in stories where the audience can be specifically selected. The new feature also follows a similar path to the new Instagram update, where users are also able to create stories for specific locations.

The feature is a natural progression from Snapchat’s geofilters. The new feature creates a 1-block geofence around your current location, with those stories only able to be seen and contributed to, by the people you select.

In an attempt to differentiate its product offering from the likes of copycats, Snapchat also launched an infinity loop tool, that allows users to “enjoy your Snap as long as they’d like” – Snapchat.

The interface has also experienced some upgrades, with the addition of the new ‘magic eraser’ to the creative tools.

These new feature come as rival Instagram launches a multitude of new features this month, and experienced significant growth in terms of Instagram Story users. Snapchat faces pressure to grow its user base as well as the time those users spend on the platform.

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