Search Ads for Pinterest – Offering Targeted Advertising for Businesses

Advertisers, are you looking to drive cost-effective traffic, generate new leads, or grow online sales? Pinterest may have a solution for you.

Earlier this year, Pinterest partnered with digital advertising and technology solutions specialist, Kenshoo, to bring you ‘Search Ads for Pinterest’.

With search ads on Pinterest, our clients can promote visually engaging ads as consumers search for relevant products. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Pinterest to provide search marketers with an innovative new way to engage earlier in the buying journey, when their customers are most open to new ideas – Will Martin-Gill, Chief Strategy and Development Officer, Kenshoo

And it seems after initial trials with Barilla, eBay, Garnier, Walgreens and The Home Depot, these search solutions are available to every business through the Pinterest Ads Manager.

So what exactly are we working with here?

We’ve talked about it before – Pinterest is investing a LOAD of money into monetising the platform.

With 97% of their 2 billion searched pins unbranded, the platform is an oasis for advertisers who are struggling to compete on other crowded social platforms.

Pinterest Self Serve for Business - Image 1

So what can advertisers expect from the platform?

  • Broad, Phrase & Exact Match Keywords: offering advertisers precise control over where their pins pop up in searches
  • Exclusion of Negative Keywords: so your add for “loafers” won’t show up when someone is searching for that perfectly baked, gluten free, low carb loaf of bread – saving you $$ in wasted advertising dollars
  • Search Term Reports: to help you optimise your search term strategy

What’s new with Taste Graph?


Pinterest’s ‘Taste Graph’ compiles data from over 100 billion pins, to profile users based on what they like, how those interests change over time, and basically directs them down specific pin paths most relevant to them.

This technology allows Pinterest to target users with more specificity, resulting in an increased likelihood that users engage with the brands shown to them = better spent advertising $$.

Pinterest announced that they would be testing auto-targeting, backed by Taste Graph, “as a way to extend your keyword campaigns into more searches” – simplifying search.

Pinterest Ads

To get started, head to the ‘Ads’ section at the top left-hand corner of your Pinterest feed. Remember, you’ll need to have a Pinterest Business account and it would be a good idea to install the Pinterest Tag on your website. If you’re just starting out, check MeetFox’s guide on why you need to have a good website.

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