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Combine the power of Social Status with your existing social media listening workflow to automate your social reporting.


Social Listening vs Social Analytics

Social media marketing is made up of 3 distinct disciplines:

  • Paid Media – posts and content on social media which you promote with paid advertising
  • Owned Media – posts you publish on social media that live on your Pages or Profiles
  • Earned Media – content created by others that exist on your Pages or Profiles or indeed, anywhere else online

The difference between social media listening tools and social media analytics tools all comes down to which disciplines they report on and provide insights for. Social media listening tools enable you to find relevant mentions posted by others on social media. This is known as Earned Media (or word of mouth). When it comes to Paid and Owned Media, this is the realm of social analytics. Listening (or monitoring) tools like Radian6 can’t provide insight into Paid and Owned Media. So without a social analytics tool, you’re only able to quantify a third of your brand’s overall social performance.

Social listening platforms like Radian6 search social media for keywords you provide. This list of keywords is super important to get right. For most marketers, it can take some time to refine the keyword set to ensure as much of the results found are actually relevant and not off-topic. Social analytics tools, on the other hand, are not keyword driven and instead rely on you to connect your social media accounts such as your organization’s Facebook Page, Facebook Ad Account, Instagram account, Twitter profile, YouTube Channel, etc. You can also connect competitor pages and profiles to enable benchmarking and competitor analysis.

Radian6 Functionality

Salesforce Radian6 is considered the gold standard in social media listening software. The platform provides keyword monitoring and sentiment analysis functionality across 650 million sources including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, news sites and forums. Radian6 is perfect for understanding how people talk about your brand, products and services on social media.

Social Status Functionality

What Radian6 can’t do is provide content performance metrics (Owned Media) for what you and your competitors post on social media. It also can’t provide insight into Paid Media for tracking the performance of your advertising spend and ROI. For Paid and Owned performance on social media, this is where Social Status comes in.

Why Radian6 + Social Status?

Radian6 and Social Status are the perfect match and represent best practice social media workflow. Use Radian6 to report on earned mentions of your brand and competitors and use Social Status to report on your owned posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. You can also benchmark your performance against competitors and find actionable insights to improve your social performance. In addition, Social Status can quantify and report on your paid social performance so you can see the performance of your ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Automate your Social Reporting

With our Enterprise Plan, you can consolidate Radian6 and Social Status data into one concise monthly, quarterly or campaign-based report which is sent automatically to your Inbox. Save heaps of time and the hassle of manually compiling reports by automating your social media reporting with Social Status.

Radian6 Users Discount

Radian6 is a Social Status Partner which enables you to access discounted pricing of Social Status.

Eligible Radian6 users can apply for a 15% discount on our Enterprise Plan pricing including a complimentary onboarding workshop for you and your team.

Complete our Enterprise contact form for more information.

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