Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter – Now Live on Social Status

The Social Status Platform now allows users to analyse their social performance across the 4 major social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter!

Social Status allows you to create an industry or competitor set – creating a visual competitive landscape for continuous monitoring.

This competitive landscape allows users to analyse their competitor’s performance across the 4 channels, and gauge which content engages with audiences best, based on social channel.

Social Status Multi-Channel Platform Content Feed

The platform allows users to analyse performance based on a range of metrics from content by highest engagement, to best performing media type, keyword search as well as periodically.

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Break down your interactions insights and see how audiences respond to content on a channel to channel basis. The visualisation of this data gives us a better understanding of the media types, themes, days and time that work best for each individual platform – each metric set comes with an explanation of what it is, and how it’s measured.

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By utilising the content theme tagging feature, users are able to identify and leverage off individual and competitor campaign and promotional activities that are outperforming others.

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Continuously monitoring this competitive landscape, allows users to build a historical and competitive means of benchmarking their social performance against competitors and themselves.

By doing so, we provide ourselves with a means of tracking whether certain campaigns were successful, we build up a bank of knowledge in terms of understanding what types of content drive leads, and which engage our audiences.

Having this information assists us to:

  • prove the value of social within an organisation
  • secure executive buy-in and justify budget commitments
  • plan and delegate resources into tactics that are successfully delivering value and dismiss or rework those that are not
  • identify gaps within your overall marketing efforts
  • understand customers perceptions, expectations and wants

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