Free Upcoming Webinars For Facebook & Instagram

Need a refresher on Instagram and Facebook best practice? Well then, put these dates in your calendar!

Facebook and Instagram have announced 5 upcoming webinars discussing everything from advertising in Instagram Stories to marketing on Facebook this Christmas season (yes, it is only 5 months away!).

Audiences will be able to tune in live and participate in Q&A sessions, as well as catch the sessions at a later date on Blueprint.

The Future of Planning: People-Based Marketing| August 9th 10am (PT)

This webinar will give users an insight on how to stay competitive and fresh when it comes to creating content. It will provide users with tips and statistics to help them stay relevant and competitive over the next 5 years and beyond.

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Discover Growth Across the Facebook Family| August 16th 10am (PT)

This webinar will talk users through the various consumer journeys online, and aid them in reaching them earlier in the purchasing journey. The webinar will provide insights on how to remain competitive and grow businesses through the two platforms.

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Ad Delivery and Auctions: A Training Session for Advanced Marketers | August 23rd 10am (PT)

This webinar will focus on ad delivery on Facebook, particularly honing in on how the auction works.

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App Event Optimisation Best Practices | September 13th 10am (PT)

This webinar will talk users through all things in-stream videos, particularly why they are resonating with people better as well as delivering better results for businesses – giving users a detailed walk-through of delivery, controls, reporting and more.

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Building True Business Value with Your Facebook Campaigns | September 20th 10am (PT)

This webinar will show users how to evaluate which campaigns are providing the best return, as well as the latest tools to help you reach your business goals.

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